Tails of the Fat Cat

Directed by Paul Griswold & Ernie Mosteller for Brunner Digital’s client, the National Association of Broadcasters. Character designs and artwork by former Veggie Tales 3D design lead, Bryan “Breadwig” Ballinger. Featuring the music of Firewater, this spot was animated in Softimage and Eyeon Fusion.

The animation is mainly a series of morph targets applied to the original artwork. The “radio bite” pieces are ICE particles emitted from a null. Things like the biting motion of the Fat Cat were accomplished by swapping objects and morph targets. The CDs and radio with chunks taken out are simply 2 objects that are swapped on the bite.

The spot was produced and animated at Fusion Digital Productions LLC. for Brunner Digital.


Brunner Digital: http://brunnerdigital.com/

Ernie Mosteller: http://www.mostellercreative.com/

Bryan Ballinger: http://www.bryanballinger.com

Firewater: http://www.myspace.com/realfirewater

Paul Griswold: http://fusiondigitalproductions.com

NAB: http://noperformancetax.org

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