Timeless Titles

During my “Intro to Motion Graphics” class I talked about how you can create interesting titles by using only the tools available in After Effects – no plugins whatsoever. This is something I threw together during class.

Game Environment Fly-Through

This is a real-time fly-through of my environment in Unreal. It’s one of the first things I’ve ever tried in Unreal and it was really interesting. Hopefully I’ll have time to go back and develop the scene more.

The Decision

In this class we were assigned a situation and had to construct an edit around the situation. For this project I had to create something around the idea of jogging & making a life-changing decision.

Colbert Logo

A quick logo piece for my MFA cinematography & editing class at SCAD.

Rear Window Title Project

My final project for MOME 729 – create new titles for a Hitchcock film. I chose Rear Window since the existing titles were plain, ordinary, studio-created titles.


For MOME 747 we were tasked with creating the opening to a series. Erased on Netflix has no opening titles, so I thought it’d be a good pick. I have a whole write-up on the thinking behind what’s happening if anyone is interested. Unfortunately the schedule was really tight so I didn’t get to tweak several things I wanted to …

FX Networks Roots

For MOME 747 we were asked to generate network IDs for a network of our choosing. I did two totally different versions for FX. This one is aimed at the audience who likes horror/suspense shows.

The American Lurcher Project

Lurchers are also known as American Staghounds. They are illegally bred greyhound mixes that are used for gambling and hunting. They are mistreated frequently and are unwanted by most greyhound rescue groups because they are not registered racing greyhounds.

Nightmare “Books”

From the film “The Nightmare”, directed by Rodney Ascher. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3317522/ I was asked to create a shot that felt as though real books were put on a turntable and filmed – avoiding as much of a CG look as time & budget allowed.

The Little Professor

Modeled in MOI3D, surfaced, lit & rendered in Softimage using Redshift. The model is a 1976 “Little Professor” calculator game. The background is based on some 1970’s era wallpaper. I did some mild compositing & color correction in Eyeon Fusion.