ShineONtario – 60 second version

Animation, editing and all post work done by Syd Garon and Paul Griswold. Produced by Fusion Digital Productions LLC. Client: Bad Monkey Circus /

Hoosier Lottery – Colts Cash

A 15 second spot I did for B & Y Advertising for the Hoosier Lottery. The tickets were animated in Softimage to give them a bit more depth. The entire animation was put together in Eyeon Fusion 6.

Hoosier Lottery – Victory Arms

I was reponsible for the motion graphics in this project. The agency was The tickets were rendered in Softimage using the car paint shader to match the “sparkles” of the real tickets. The final motion graphics were created in Eyeon Fusion.

TerreStar Genus Phone

Product announcement video for the TerreStar Genus hybrid satellite/cellular phone. All of the backgrounds except for the ocean shots are either 2D or 3D animated backgrounds from photographs. Notice the animated clouds and the “helicopter” shot pulling back to reveal the Chicago skyline. Animated by Fusion Digital Productions for Brunner Digital’s client TerreStar.

Grabill Bank – Pennies

This was a fun spot to animate. The pennies are instanced ICE particles that were rendered using a 3rd party renderer in Softimage. The text and compositing were all done in Eyeon Fusion 6. The agency is The Brand Innovation Group –

Starbucks Love Project – Directors Cut

Directed by Syd Garon & Paul Griswold Production company: Bob Industries Technical Director: Steve Caron 3D modeler: Tate Chmielewski Client: Starbucks Agency: BBDO This is the director’s cut of the Starbucks Love project which is part of Project (red). Only a couple of minor shots were changed as well as the voice over. This animation is a combination of Softimage …

Lush.FM Singapore

This spot combines 3D insects that are made from radio parts, 2D photos mapped on to 3D geometry and straight 2D animated layers. The insects were modeled by famed Lightwave/Modo user Astro Sanchez (Tate Chmielewski). Animation was done in Softimage 2010 and After Effects. Directed by Syd Garon and Paul Griswold.

Lush.FM – fluids test (rejected spot)

I was asked to produce a spot with Syd Garon for this radio station. Originally the concept was supposed to be a “sound sculpture” that looked something like fluids out of a lava lamp. So I created this as a test. The fluids are ICE particles that use a turbulize node which has it’s velocity animated to match the tempo …

Tails of the Fat Cat

Directed by Paul Griswold & Ernie Mosteller for Brunner Digital’s client, the National Association of Broadcasters. Character designs and artwork by former Veggie Tales 3D design lead, Bryan “Breadwig” Ballinger. Featuring the music of Firewater, this spot was animated in Softimage and Eyeon Fusion. The animation is mainly a series of morph targets applied to the original artwork. The “radio …

Earth Hour (director’s cut)

Directed by Syd Garon, the Earth Hour campaign features the voice of Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett and music by Grammy Award winning band Coldplay. Paul Griswold of Fusion Digital Productions LLC served as Animation Director. Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obama Hope campaign poster, served as Creative Director, while his company, Studio One, was responsible for the campaign artwork. …