The American Lurcher Project

Lurchers are also known as American Staghounds. They are illegally bred greyhound mixes that are used for gambling and hunting. They are mistreated frequently and are unwanted by most greyhound rescue groups because they are not registered racing greyhounds.

The Little Professor

Modeled in MOI3D, surfaced, lit & rendered in Softimage using Redshift. The model is a 1976 “Little Professor” calculator game. The background is based on some 1970’s era wallpaper. I did some mild compositing & color correction in Eyeon Fusion.

Firewater: A Little Revolution

From the album “International Orange”, available on Bloodshot Records. Director: Paul Griswold Director of Photography: Andrew Coppin Motion Graphics Illustrator: Brian Yap Background Designs: Seth Boydon Animation & Creative Consultant: Syd Garon B-Camera Operator: Laird Pierce Original Concept & Creative Direction: Tod A Fusion Digital Productions LLC.

Hoosier Lottery – Colts Cash

A 15 second spot I did for B & Y Advertising for the Hoosier Lottery. The tickets were animated in Softimage to give them a bit more depth. The entire animation was put together in Eyeon Fusion 6.

Starbucks Love Project – Directors Cut

Directed by Syd Garon & Paul Griswold Production company: Bob Industries Technical Director: Steve Caron 3D modeler: Tate Chmielewski Client: Starbucks Agency: BBDO This is the director’s cut of the Starbucks Love project which is part of Project (red). Only a couple of minor shots were changed as well as the voice over. This animation is a combination of Softimage …

Frame – motion graphics

I did this back in 2004. It’s mostly done in Eyeon Fusion (called Digital Fusion back then). Some of the 3D rotating objects were actually shot off my screen as I moved the object around. Sometimes the simplest method is the best method. This was done for the Brand Innovation Group’s client Wieland.

N.A.S.A. “Money” feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, & Z-Trip

Video directed by Syd Garon & Paul Griswold, featuring the artwork of Shepard Fairey. “Money” will be released digitally 12/16/08 and will be bundled with this video and a remix by The Count Of Monte Cristal (aka Herve). N.A.S.A.’s debut album “The Spirit Of Apollo” hits the shelves 2/17/09 on ANTI-. 01. Intro 02. The People Tree (feat. David Byrne, …