Timeless Titles

During my “Intro to Motion Graphics” class I talked about how you can create interesting titles by using only the tools available in After Effects – no plugins whatsoever. This is something I threw together during class.

Colbert Logo

A quick logo piece for my MFA cinematography & editing class at SCAD.

Rear Window Title Project

My final project for MOME 729 – create new titles for a Hitchcock film. I chose Rear Window since the existing titles were plain, ordinary, studio-created titles.


For MOME 747 we were tasked with creating the opening to a series. Erased on Netflix has no opening titles, so I thought it’d be a good pick. I have a whole write-up on the thinking behind what’s happening if anyone is interested. Unfortunately the schedule was really tight so I didn’t get to tweak several things I wanted to …

FX Networks Roots

For MOME 747 we were asked to generate network IDs for a network of our choosing. I did two totally different versions for FX. This one is aimed at the audience who likes horror/suspense shows.